KitchenAid Blender - Mixer



You've never a blender that can mix like this, turning ice cubes to snow in a matter of seconds. This classic blender features a polycarbonate one-piece pitcher, a remarkable strong and lightweight material and the one-piece jug desing eliminates the need to deismantle for clearing. The blender starts slowly then quickly increases speed for clea blending.




Choosing the best mixer 5KPM5 and 5KP50 heavy duty for your culinary style is made easy by KitchenAid. Because wattage alone doesn't determine performance or results, our flour power index is designed to help your select the correct power and bowl capacity to meet your mixing needs. The flour power index indicates the maximum amount of all-purpose flour and mashed potatoes a stand mixer can mix effectively. The 5KPM5 and 5KPM50 mixer has powerful motor which can mixes large batches easily. The 5KSM45 mixer it takes several important ingredients to be called a Cliassic. Start with our celebrated tilt-head design that gives you, easy acces to both beater and bowl. Then add a flour power rating of 8cups which means you can make enough dough in one single batch. The 5KSM45 mixer has full metal construction robust, stable and durable. The original planetary mixing action fast and thorough mixing



Spare Parts Blender - Mixer

The Heavy duty lift bowl stand mixers from KitchenAid come with the perfect selection of accessories for achieving outstanding results, whatever the recipe. The standart accessories are wire whisk, bogh hook, flat beater, 1 piece pouring shield, bowl cover and 4.83lit bowl. The optional accessories are food grinder, rotor vegetable, optional drums, pasta sheet roller,grain mill and the new ice cream maker.